Playboy’s Masked Ball

Playboy’s Masked Ball

Playboy’s Masked Ball is a shoot from the October 1977 issue of Playboy. I features seven lovely Playmates in (and out) of costume. The issue was significant because it was the first issue to feature the interviewee (Barbara Streisand) on the cover.

Playboy October 1977 "Masked Ball"-

The accompanying article says:

“These are not the mystery guests from some bizarre version of What’s My Line? They’re all Playmates from our recent past costumed to conceal their identifies and pique your imagination. Your job is to unmask these lovelies via the clues provided in the picture captions of the following pages. Failing to do that, you can just enjoy the pictures. The rules of this masked ball were simple: Come as a fantasy. No, not the ghost and goblin fantasies people scare children with; these are the kind that scare (or score with) adults. Some are sexy, some are weird. Which is which depends entirely on your point of view. Look at it as a kind of human Rorschach test you can take in the privacy of your own home. Nobody is going to know which fantasy turns you on, so no one will make a judgment about your reason or proclivities. However, if you find yourself getting off on all of them, perhaps you should bring it up at your next session. Now you’re ready to being. It’s midnight and the guests have assembled.”

The answers were printed on page 269 of the same issue. Since we don’t have page 269, they were:
Miss January 1977, Susan Kiger (the Biker)
Miss August 1977, Julia Lyndon (the Peacock)
Miss August 1975, Lillian Muller (the submissive)
Miss May, 1976, Patricia McClain (the Lion)
Miss December 1976, Karen Hafter (the Lion Tamer)
Miss December 1973, Christine Maddox (the Saran wrapped)
Miss November 1969, Claudia Jennings (the Seductress in Red)